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“Murphy’s Hockey Law” on air from 9-11 AM ET
Saturdays heard on Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio!

“Murphy’s Hockey Law” is on air from 9-11 AM Saturday, April 19th on Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio. If you miss it, it will re-air right here from 4-6 PM ET.

Here is the starting line up:
1. Dale Arnold (NESN & WEEI)
2. Chuck Bastie (Chuck’s World Of Infinite Mojo)
3. Josh Sweeney (U.S. Marine & USA Paralympic Sled Hockey Team)
4. Bob Snow (
5. Kevin Weekes (Hockey Night In Canada & NHL Network)
6. Lucas Carr (Army Ranger & marathon runner)

Listen to the re-airing from 4-6 pm ET:

Here is the complete track list from the show on April 19th:
1. The Standell’s, “Dirty Water
2. The Headstones, “Long Way To Neverland
3. The Band, “The Weight
4. Bruins-Sabres National Anthem 4/17/13
5. Marines Corps Hymn
6. Steve Earle, “Johnny Come Lately
7. I Wanna Drive A Zamboni
8. Black Joe Lewis And The Honey Bears, “Black Snake
9. Black Joe Lewis And The Honey Bears, “Since I Met You Baby
10. Street Dogs, “Back To The World
11. Dropkick Murphy’s, “Don’t Tear Us Apart

Speaking with notable hockey personalities as guests each week, Murph gets you insight from those in the know. From players and coaches to management and reporters that have their pulse on the beat of the game “Murphy’s Hockey Law” will bring you guests that truly bring you into the story lines.

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Sláinte and happy listening!

3 thoughts on “Show: MHL

  1. I always apprieciate your insights when you are on in Montreal with the TSN gang. Nice to hear a Boston perspective in HABS land. I have been a Bruins fan since 1966 at age 11. Living in a fanatical HABS home I couldn’t take the constant arrogance of the HABS smug attitude (they had won 7 cups in my 11 years) so I decided to choose the worst team in the league to spite my elders, my luck would have a certain RGO joining the team in the same year. I have a very interesting story regarding a curse me and my brother put on the HABS in 1995 that is still holding and is the main reason that they have fallen on the unprescidented hard times. Write me back if you are interested in learning more about this. In the mean time, enjoy the game tonight, we should take them.

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