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MHL – June 7th, 2014

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First hour guestsStan Fischler (Hockey Historian, MSG Hockey Analyst, Fischler Report), Neate Sager (“Buzzing The Net” Junior Hockey blog Yahoo Sports) and Mike Weaver (Montreal Canadiens defenseman).

Second hour guests: Glenn Healy (Hockey Night In Canada), Louis Jean (TVA Sports) and Daryl Evans (Kings Radio broadcaster).

MHL – Sat, June 7

MHL – April 19th, 2014

Missed “Murphy’s Hockey Law” from Saturday, April 19th? Listen to it now:

First hour guests: Dale Arnold (NESN & WEEI), Chuck Bastie (Chuck’s World Of Infinite Mojo) and Josh Sweeney (U.S. Marine & USA Paralympic Sled Hockey Team).

Second hour guests: Bob Snow (NHL.com), Kevin Weekes (Hockey Night In Canada & NHL Network) and Lucas Carr (Army Ranger & marathon runner).

MHL – Saturday, Apr 19th

Murph’s Musings

Boston Still And Forever Strong
A year ago today I was driving home from Montreal to Boston. It was a beautiful day for a ride and the further south I traveled on Interstate 89 and then Rte. 93 the temperature rose and rose. I stopped at one of my go to pit-stops on this ride I’ve driven so many times, a Market Basket in Hooksett, New Hampshire. On the TV in the cafe area they had the Red Sox game on with intermittent shots of the Boston Marathon and the crowd starting to build at the finish line. Memories of good times I spent there flowed through my mind and I also thought about my good friends Lucas Carr and Jen Marchio who were once again running the marathon and doing their part to honor this longtime Boston tradition and raise money for charities on what appeared to be another glorious Patriot’s Day in Boston.

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Murph’s Musings

2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Playoff Predictions
The 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and the first round is set. So why waste time? I’ve always been told to go with my gut instincts so here are my first round predictions. I will post predictions here each round but I will tell you now that my initial Stanley Cup Finals pick is the New York Rangers over the Anaheim Ducks. The feel here is that the Rangers have finally found their groove at the right time and while the Bruins are no doubt the team to beat, they can be beat and will be beat. But that won’t happen in the opening round so let’s discuss what will!

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Murph’s Musings

Can Winning Win The Player-Coach Battle For Michel Therrien This 

An unfortunate reality for NHL coaches and even all pro sports coaches today is that when it comes down to it, the superstar player is going to win the war in the long run. The coach may win the battles throughout the season but even winning games hasn’t always meant he will survive when push comes to shove. When a general manager must choose between his coach or his superstar player, the GM tends to choose the superstar player. Yes the Boston Bruins went the opposite route with budding young star Tyler Seguin when off ice issues and Seguin’s inability to fit into head coach Claude Julien’s system became an issue and the Winnipeg Jets may do just the same with Evander Kane this offseason for similar reasons. But the majority of the time in the NHL it’s the star players who ultimately win the war.

Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien should know this unfortunate fact of today’s NHL almost better than any of his current 29 brethren in the coaching fraternity.

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Murph’s Musings

Jets And Capitals Must Salvage Prime Years While They Can
April 5 is a sad day for fans of the “Grunge” music era. On April 5, 1994 Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana took his own life just as the prime of music career and more importantly his life was beginning at the age of 27. Then on April 5, 2002, while not exactly still in his prime but way too young to leave this earth, Layne Staley the lead singer of  Alice In Chains was found dead of a drug overdose.

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MHL – April 5th, 2014

Missed “Murphy’s Hockey Law” from Saturday, April 5th? Listen to it here:

First hour guestsSean McIndoe (Downgoesbrown.comGrantland.com & author of “The Best Of Down Goes Brown”), Mark Recchi (Advisor To Hockey Operations for the Dallas Stars, Owner Kamloops Blazers, three-time Stanley Cup Champion) and Sam Cosentino (Sportsnet).

Second hour guestsRob Simpson (Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio & AMI Network Canada), Dan Murphy (Host, Canucks Hockey, Sportsnet, co-author of “JOURNEYMAN” with Sean Pronger) and Conor McKenna (TSN 690 & Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio).

MHL – Saturday, April 5th